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Why should we Detox and Cleanse Ourselves?

Posted on April 10th, 2017

Why should we Detox and Cleanse Ourselves?

The human body is quite the magnificent creation; a masterpiece as described by some- including myself.  By design, it goes through a process of detoxification to rid itself of toxins and impurities.  Detoxification allows the body to operate in a clean, pure and orderly state.  

Now more than ever, our bodies are constantly exposed to a host of chemicals. This daily accumulation of pollutants make detoxification and cleansings necessary to maintain a healthy immune system, clear thinking, vibrant skin tone, good gut function as well as a positive emotional state.

I am reminded of a dialogue between two people.  They had been dropped off curbside at a bus stop.  As the bus pulled away from the curb, the usual plumes of exhaust filled the surrounding air and the first person noted to the second, “by breathing in that air- we just inhaled more toxins in that one moment than our ancestors were exposed to in their entire lifetime.”

We humans have built up an amazing civilization; and at the same time there are many less than desirable side-effects.  The by-products of our society are toxins in:

  •           the air we breathe, 
  •           the water we drink and 
  •           the food we consume (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides.)*  

However, our bodies will cleanse themselves and in so doing will be able to handle stress better.  


How you ask?  


First understanding and recognizing or even celebrating our cleansing is important.  An attitude of acceptance and gratitude plays a big role.  Too often we may complain, resist, fight and get down on ourselves because we judge our cleansing process as bad, not realizing our body is going through a necessary function for our future health and well-being.  

For example, a runny nose is mucous (mucous traps toxins) coming out. Do you really want to suppress those toxins and keep them inside your body.  Poisons out = good thing.  

Fever? Elevated body temperature? This is a sign that the body is healthy enough and has enough energy to melt toxins and or fighting off infection?  Good or bad? 

I once had a family bring in their very young child for a check-up.  Their concern was a low-grade fever for several days.  They had been to their medical doctor prior and did not want to follow his recommendation of giving their precious child medicine to suppress the fever.  They were looking for a more natural solution.  

During the child’s examination, I found a subluxation (misalignment of a spinal vertebrae) in the cervical spine (neck).  I made the appropriate gentle adjustment and sent the family home with the advice to return for a follow up later in the week.  Upon returning for their follow up, they told me that following the adjustment the fever spiked higher; then their child broke out in chicken pox and the fever proceeded to disappear. 

This is an amazing story when you think about how the body detoxifies itself.  Often when we get a symptom, we get alarmed and the first thing we do is run to the medicine cabinet or drug store for the magic potion to try and stop or suppress what ails us; not realizing we could be hindering the good (detoxifying) our body is attempting to complete.  

There for, instead of having the mindset to suppress the young child’s fever, I chose to remove any interference to the body’s operating system (the nervous system controls and regulates- directly or indirectly all the tissues, organs and systems of the body).  Ithe case of the young child, his body was attempting to maintain a state of wellness by eliminating something it didn’t need. 

What would have happened if the fever was suppressed by medicineAs is often the case the poisons would have been driven deeper into the body, only to resurface another time and perhaps as something more serious and severe.

Another area for consideration is our food choices and consumptionFoods in their natural state (Organic/Non-GMO) are filled with friendly enzymes and lacking artificial (toxic) ingredients. Enzymes are vitally important to the bodies healthy functioning. Processed foods with dyes, preservatives, “natural flavorings” (copies of nature but not natural) are allenzyme deficient and make them taxing to the body as they do not digest well and also increase the toxins in the body.  The effects can vary from more frequent and sever detoxifications, to weight gain, expanded gut and even serious disease. 

Question: Who would best benefit from a lifestyle that promotes cleansing and detoxification? 

Answer: Anyone that wants to improve their health, energy, mood.

 – people who want to age gracefully; 

 – couples wanting to remain active into their senior years; 

 – young people that want to reduce sick days and have a healthier immune system, naturally.

Here are some tips… Realize what things qualify as toxins

  1. NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories), Tylenol, aspirin, acetaminophen, etc. All the aforementioned tax the liver and kidneys.  In fact, liver failure is one of the common side effects seen in hospitals as a result of too many meds.
  2. Carbonated drinks, white flour and processed (white) sugars. These are staples of many people’s diets, yet these refined foods create a breeding ground for bacteria, parasites, viruses and cancer. Why? Because they create an acid environment (body) allowing for the players of ill health to succeed.  I often say to my clients, “you don’t get rats in a clean alley and you don’t get disease in a clean (alkaline) body” (spirit-mind-body to be more comprehensive).  

More tips… Realize what things qualify as detox supports

  1. Increase detox foods. Best bets are:
  • Sweet potato (a.k.a. yams)
  • Apples/Apple Cider- apple pectin fiber is great
  • Grapefruit Pectin
  • Chlorella- great blood detoxifier
  • Fermented foods – sour kraut, pickles, etc. 
  1. Increase water intake. Water is the #1 detoxification nutrient within the human body. Choose a good clean, non-distilled water for regular consumption.  How much? The word on the street is ½ your body weight in ounces per day (ie. 150 lb person would consume 75 ounces of water per day). I don’t know who came up this idea that has gained acceptance in our health community but let’s just say most of us would do ourselves a lot of good if we drank 2-3 more glasses of water than we presently do.
  2. Breathing exercises- 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night. A good way to increase the oxygen supply in our body.


(Check out the following websites for more foods for detoxifying: www.eatthis.com/8-best-food-instant-detoxwww.mindbodygreen.com

Bottom line is this- to increase our health, a lifestyle which promotes detoxification and is accepting of cleansings is important.  Remember:  E=MC squared.  In other words, if you increase your energy, your matter will function at a higher level. Higher levels of functioning are called the “wellness zone” which is where we all want to be. Positive thoughts, finding gratitude in life, eating pure foods, living in a clean, clutter-free, toxic-free environment, enhances the function of your matter (a.k.a. your body, mind and potentially your spirit.)

`Live smart and take care of your body so it can serve you long and well.  


(Any time you see “-cide” in a word it means to kill;  therefore a pesticide is a chemical that kills pests.  Now I am no fan of pests but if we eat something that has pesticides on it we are putting toxic chemicals into our body. Most bugs have a much higher tolerance for chemical poisons, climate and environmental changes they we humans do.)

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