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One thing that betters our health, relationships & prosperity!!

Posted on April 19th, 2017

One thing that betters our health, relationships & prosperity!!

Picked up a good book lately?

If so congratulations as you just might be staving of cognitive decline in your senior years.

Reading is to the brain what exercise is to the physical body. Both our body and brain need stimuli to grow, develop, stay agile and healthy. Lack of using our body and brain influences the way we age.

Unfortunately, in far too many cases, the people most aware and affected by a person’s aging brain, are the family members of the person affected.

Would you recognize the following signs of cognitive decline in yourself?  Forgetfulness, disorientation, declines in processing information as well as processing speed.

If you have been around an aging family member you know what I mean. If you haven’t, I hope you never have to because it can be very challenging.

In today’s world we are seeing more of this in middle age people. What do we do to prevent ourselves from becoming victims of this decline and all of its symptoms?

Prevention Magazine republished information from the Journal of Neurology which stated reading leads our minds in a healthier direction. In fact, people participating in intellectual pastimes such as reading over the course of their life had a 32% slower rate of cognitive decline later in life than those that did not.

In addition, reading can be de-stressing, stimulate empathy towards others and increase our vocabulary. This means we benefit from enhanced communication with others at the stage in life we need it most!

Plus, there is the aspect of improving your success. Have you ever heard of the saying “a person will become like the 5 people he or she hangs around the most?”  Not everyone has the opportunity to hang around great, brilliant successful people. Perhaps your surroundings don’t allow you to rub shoulders with the greatest minds in the business world or any other world which interests you. Yet through reading we can in essence “hang around” and learn from the great minds of the past and present.

Through reading we can live an inspired life and learn some of the secrets to living a highly productive and satisfying life.  Reading stories or autobiographies of greats such as Thomas Edison, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi or Steven Spielberg  can stir our creative mind and therefore enhance our brain function. By relaxing and reading just a few minutes every day can increase our cognitive health, decrease our stress, improve our relationships and increase our prosperity!

The last book I read was Frankenstein (a gift from my son for my birthday); it turned out to be an interesting tale much different than the movie I watched on television.  So many great authors, so many great novels.  Get started today.  Reading is enjoyable and good for more than just our brains.

Happy page turning… and while you are at it, read another blog or two!

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