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Natural Healing Saves Your Sanity and Money

Posted on April 21st, 2017

Natural Healing Saves Your Sanity and Money

Are you tired of staring at the monitor screen for 8+ hours day? Do you find your relief by resting in front of the television to cap off our day? Do you feel like it’s time for an escape? If so, you are not alone.  According to the NY Daily News, the average American watches 5 hours of television every day.

Whether nestled in the confines of a tiny cubicle or office at work, or seeking refuge within the walls of our homes, our depleted bodies and stressed out minds struggle to renew as we breathe in processed recycled air and eat devitalized foods.

Are you ready to trade the nature cd’s in for the real sounds of chirping birds and the ebb and flow of the ocean? For some people the closest they get to the sound of running water is a leaky faucet or the running of a faulty toilet.

Nature… it is beautiful, glorious, uplifting, inspiring, and renewing for us.  Though most of us don’t know it, connecting with nature, even momentarily is vital to living a healthy balanced life. Connecting with nature is also vital to supporting a positive mind, a healthy body, as well as nurturing our spirits. Yet so much of the time, our lives are caught up in just surviving.  This survival lifestyle leads to depleting the health of our body, mind and spirit.

You know how it goes… when you run from paying bills, and punching the time card, to running back and forth from Point A to Point B.  When this continues unabated, we risk losing our connection to our self, to our maker, and to the beauty that surrounding us.

If this sounds like you, it is time to add nature as a “positive distraction” to your life.  It is time to replenish the “positive energy” which soothes our aches and pains….

Here are some tips to help, some are free and some might cost a little money (but hey, a little money spent on oneself may save a lot of money, time and suffering in the long run).

1. Go on a nature hike. Arizona is great for day trips, whether you want to hike a mountain or keep to a flat trail.

2. Ride a bike. There are many more bike lanes than ever (and remember to wear a helmet).

3. Balloon ride above the desert. Provides a great view of the desert landscape.

4. Experience the Grand Canyon.  Too many locals have yet to see this marvelous wonder.

5. Head out to a lake.  Rent a boat, paddle board or take a walk along the shore.

6. Enjoy the ocean inlet of Puerto Penasco. Several hours from Phoenix and the waters are much warmer than the Pacific in summer.

7. Arizona Highways has great photography and two ways to enjoy nature scenes that always seem to leave me in awe.  The first is their calender ($5.49 at Costco) and the other is a monthly magazine.

8. Of course we all have a chance to stop every day, at least twice, to breath and visually take in a great work of art… by viewing our iconic sunrises and sunsets. They are free and can be seen from your street corner or maybe even your bedroom window!

Connecting with nature is connecting with goodness. So get your mind and body outdoors more often this year and let nature push your refresh button! The time you spend there will save your sanity and save you money.

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