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Arizona Summer Illnesses to Be Aware Of

Posted on April 5th, 2019

Arizona Summer Illnesses to Be Aware Of

Heat Cramps

Heat cramps can be among the first indicators that bodies are at risk of overheating. It is believed that profuse sweating along with the loss of water and electrolyte intake results in fits making it uncomfortable to carry on exercising. It ought to be noted that getting heat cramps doesn’t necessarily predispose you to any other heat-related diseases, though the muscle spasms and cramps associated with heat cramps are more common in warm summer months when you are more likely to be dehydrated.

Remedies for heat cramps include stretching the muscles, massage and icing your muscles. It’s also wise to make certain to hydrate yourself, and have some sodium drinks – a sports drink, for example, Gatorade will assist you to reduce further cramping.


Heat Exhaustion

On the spectrum of common summer illnesses related to overheating, heat exhaustion is in the middle of the spectrum – more serious than heat cramps, but not as concerning as heat stroke. It typically begins once the core body’s temperature ranges from 98.6 degrees to 104 degrees. A few of the signs and symptoms of exhaustion are rapid heart rate, heavy sweating or cold and sticky skin.

To deal with heat exhaustion, a mild situation requires nothing more than moving to a cooler place, resting and hydrating with drinks that contain sodium (for example, sports drinks). In severe cases, medical attention may be necessary so that fluids might be given intravenously, and ice packs can be utilized for rapid cooling of the body. If your body temperature reaches 104 degrees or higher, or if symptoms do not improve within an hour of resting in a cool place, seek medical treatment immediately.

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